There is music all around at Aggieland Country School. Children sing every day at circle time and on the playground. The older children practice the recorder on the porch after their work is done and the every student sings and dances for their parents twice a year. The first program of the year is the Thanksgiving program during which the students dance early American or native American dances and sing folk tunes and religious music. The elementary students play glockenspiels, drums, recorders, and violins. Playing the instruments is taught by a certified Orff Schulwerk teacher. Playing the violins is taught by a certified Suzuki teacher.


The community of Aggieland Country School is made up of a dynamic staff of teachers who are always striving to learn and help the children learn and be happy. The parents are a vital part of the community attending the many events and volunteering to help at these events and on a daily basis. Our most steadfast group is the gardening moms and dads who help make the gardens grow. The community is also made up of the Aggieland students who play hard together and make great friends with students from all age groups.



Aggieland Country School is located on 2.5 forested acres in College Station, Texas. The playground has a garden plot for each child, a butterfly garden, a chicken coop with beautiful hens, a soccer field, and basketball court. Outside the playground fence is the nature trail through the woods. The children keep rubber boots and raincoats at the school so that they can go outside almost every day. Weather permitting, the children eat lunch outside, too. Alums of the school years later, say that the love of nature instilled in them at Aggieland is still with them today.